Doom on Calculator – Ndless

I was looking up random stuff on Youtube and happened to come cross a video showcasing the game Doom on a Ti-Nspire calculator. Surprisingly, I happen to have a Ti-Nspire to mess around with.


Ndless installed!

Ndless is an extension that allows the Ti-Nspire to run assembly programs such as python, Doom, and even Minecraft (they are ports, not the real thing). Without getting into too much of the detail, you basically download a file, send it to your calculator, open it, and you’re done. The entire tutorial is on their website if you’re interested.


Overall, the Doom experience feels very like what you would expect on a calculator. The key mappings are a bit strange, although you could remap them. But I mean… It’s a calculator, what can you expect? Playing it does feel a bit weird but the touchpad certainly helps.

10/10 “Calculated.” -IGN

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