Endless Launcher WPF

Endless Launcher WPF – A New Start

A while ago, I stopped developing Endless Launcher due to it being way too badly executed. The config was running on registry, magnets were using drag drop… So, I started a new project, Endless Launcher WPF.


  • UI (Completely changed) – Thanks to a friend of mine.
  • JSON config – And a public static class
  • Better magnets – A LOT more complicated
  • Better performance
  • Using WPF than Winform
  • Open source on github

Endless Launcher is a project that I started 3 years ago. It changed from java to VB6, to C# Winform, and eventually to WPF. Although I don’t play Minecraft anymore, Endless Launcher WPF is still something that I will continue to work on.

(Don’t forget to check out the source code on github)

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