Neural Network GUI Demo

Neural Network GUI Demo

Recently, I’ve been messing around with neural networks, especially the Iris data set. Yet, building a neural network from scratch seems a bit too much work… So I started this project —— Neural Network GUI Demo. (Yes it is a demo)

I will be updating this as well as Endless Launcher.

Supported Features:

  • User-defined input/node/output number
  • Epoch/learn rate/momentum/weight decay/exit error values
  • Separator and data reading
  • Single layered neural network
  • Automatically encode categorical inputs
  • And a random text box that I use as a console

Note: There are currently no labels for the time being. This is for development purposes as it is much easier to move a text box rather than a text box AND a label.

(I’m totally not being lazy _(:зゝ∠)_)


This project is open source under the GPL-3.0 license, source code can be found here on github.


Special Thanks:

A lot of the code for the neural network are from

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