Gigabyte P106-100 Mining GPU

P106-100 Mining GPU – Review & Benchmarks

Since the Chinese “hack” allowing the mining GPU to run DirectX, the P106 has gained enormous attention within the international hardware community. Before the hack, prices on Taobao varied around 200 RMB (about 30 USD). After the hack, prices nearly doubled to 400 RMB (60 USD). So, then, what is the P106?

Hacking the P106

The P106 was originally meant to be a mining GPU. There are no display outputs, no video-encoding support, and no directX. This, however, was changed with the hack.

By modifying NVIDIA’s drivers, the P106 is able to be seen as a GTX1060. And, with Window’s feature to run a “high-performance” gpu through the display of an integrated gpu, as often used in laptops, we can use the P106 to run games and other gpu-demanding applications.

The hack demonstrated by LinusTechTips
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