Waifu GUI

Waifu GUI – A WPF GUI for Project Waifu

Waifu GUI

Project Waifu’s speaker verification was great, but it was difficult to use (You even had to manually add the paths inside the scripts). So, I wrote Waifu GUI — A C# WPF powered user interface that writes all of Project Waifu’s complex arguments for you.

As for now, Waifu GUI can pretty much handle everything Project Waifu has at the moment, ranging from getting MFCC data to tuning hyperparameters. It will continue to grow as Project Waifu expands.

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Neural Network GUI Demo

Neural Network GUI Demo

Recently, I’ve been messing around with neural networks, especially the Iris data set. Yet, building a neural network from scratch seems a bit too much work… So I started this project —— Neural Network GUI Demo. (Yes it is a demo)

I will be updating this as well as Endless Launcher.

Supported Features:

  • User-defined input/node/output number
  • Epoch/learn rate/momentum/weight decay/exit error values
  • Separator and data reading
  • Single layered neural network
  • Automatically encode categorical inputs
  • And a random text box that I use as a console

Note: There are currently no labels for the time being. This is for development purposes as it is much easier to move a text box rather than a text box AND a label.

(I’m totally not being lazy _(:зゝ∠)_)


This project is open source under the GPL-3.0 license, source code can be found here on github.


Special Thanks:

A lot of the code for the neural network are from http://quaetrix.com/Build2014.html