Waifu GUI

Waifu GUI – A WPF GUI for Project Waifu

Waifu GUI

Project Waifu’s speaker verification was great, but it was difficult to use (You even had to manually add the paths inside the scripts). So, I wrote Waifu GUI — A C# WPF powered user interface that writes all of Project Waifu’s complex arguments for you.

As for now, Waifu GUI can pretty much handle everything Project Waifu has at the moment, ranging from getting MFCC data to tuning hyperparameters. It will continue to grow as Project Waifu expands.


Selecting audio files & subtitles (used to split data, performs MUCH better than the previous VAD method)

Slicing audio

Labeling testing data

Tuning network hyperparameters

Final Predictions (page unfinished)

Quick Note

Waifu GUI and Project Waifu are both incomplete projects, meaning that they will be remaining in my private repos. I am, however, planning to release them when they are finished.



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